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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a product development agency?

A product development agency supports you throughout the product development cycle. At Disruptiv Innovations we will review your idea, perform research, develop and manufacture your product, as well as perform the proper tests and analysis of your product so that you can introduce products into the marketplace that you can be proud of. To learn more about what a Product Development Agency does check out our blog post here.

What kind of products can you help with?

We can help you make any kind of tangible product. Our diverse skills set spans across multiple industries. Visit our Services page to see examples of industries we have experience in. We are always open to new industries as well. Having partnered with a variety of manufacturing facilities around the globe, we’re here for you whether you need custom made socks or computerized tomography machines! Software products, however, are out of our scope.

Where do you source products from?

The world is our warehouse! The majority of our products are currently sourced and manufactured in China. However, we are aware of current political tensions and trade wars. As such, we do not limit ourselves to sourcing from a single geographic location. We have a variety of suppliers and manufacturers in North America, South America, Europe and South East Asia. If you have a preference for a specific region, we’re happy to source from there.

How do you protect my product from getting copied?

Through our NDA Form, we promise not to divulge your product ideas and details outside of what is necessary for production and logistics. We also work with vetted factories who are under contract not to divulge confidential information. Most products will have parts made by several different manufacturers who will never know what the final product is. We can also refer you to a wonderful Intellectual Property legal firm. However, if you have a wildly successful product it will get copied regardless of what precautions are taken. We have found that it is often your competitor that takes your product to another factory and requests a prototype with subtle changes in order to claim it as their own idea. Together we will help you get to market faster so that you can gain an edge against your competitors. We’re also here to help you continue to develop your product so you can be a leader rather than a follower in your industry.

Do you offer intellectual property protection services?

Yes! We have a working relationship with a reputable law firm that specializes in intellectual property.

Do you offer marketing services?

Yes! We have partnerships with a variety of marketing experts, so whether you need SEO, SEM, SMO, graphic design, or other marketing help, get in touch with us!

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