What's your product development strategy?

How To Generate Ideas

There are two ways to come up with product ideas:



Generate a product idea then conduct research to see if it exists and evaluate the market.

Conduct market research and benchmarking to identify a gap, then create a product idea to fill that gap.

Whichever way you choose, you'll follow some kind of process for developing your product, whether intentionally or not.  There is no shortage of product development processes to choose from, but they generally tend to follow a stagegate approach of

If you don't plan which process you will follow, you will probably end up following a cycle like this:

At Disruptiv Innovations, we prefer to use the Six Sigma For Design process:

The reason we prefer this method is because it focuses on needs -- needs of the customer, needs of the business, and needs of the process.  By the end of the process, you have a product that you know fulfills all requirements before you launch it.  This methodology also uses proven tools to discover and meet these needs.  To learn more about what these needs are and why they are important, check out our blog post here.

During the Define phase, you will determine your business and marketing strategies, among other things.  To learn more, click the button below.

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