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What is a Product Development Agency?

It happens to me all the time; whenever I tell someone I’m part of a product development agency they either say, “Oh…[awkward pause while figuring out how to pretend to know what I’m talking about]” or “So what exactly is that?” The confusion is understandable, though, because most people work with products that already exist or they work for a large corporation with its own R&D Department. In a nutshell, a product development agency is an outsourced r&D department (that’s not a typo).

How many times have you had an idea for an awesome product then thought, “Somebody should do that”? You know you don’t have the resources and/or know-how to invent a new product and get it manufactured for commercial sale, so you just think someone else should do it and you go on your merry way with a fantastic idea that never comes to life…or worse yet, that someone else later makes millions on that could have been yours.

So this is where we come in. You bring us your idea and we’ll develop it. You think it up, we make it and deliver it to you, then you go sell it. That way you don’t have to abandon your awesome idea just because you don’t know how to make it. Depending on what’s necessary for your project, we can do things like draft designs, evaluate feasibility, build a prototype, find manufacturers, place orders, arrange logistics, design packaging, manage relationships between suppliers and manufacturers, resolve quality issues, etc.

What we don’t do is market or scientific research. That’s why I used a lowercase “r” for r&D. We’ll do necessary research to resolve production or logistic issues, but we’re not a laboratory so we don’t have the resources to do scientific research. However, we do have a scientific researcher on our team and would be glad to provide consulting for how to do it. With regards to market research, we work closely with an expert marketing agency and would be happy to refer you to them if you need help.

Perhaps you already have a product, but you want to find ways of making it better or cheaper. We can help with that too. As long as a product hasn’t died, it will always be developing. Just think about telephones or light bulbs! We can help you develop your product no matter what stage of life it’s in. If you have a product you want to improve but are not quite sure how to improve it, or you have a product line and are not quite sure what the next product should be, we can help you come up with ideas and execute them.

If you’re not sure whether we can help you with your needs or not, just contact us and we’re happy to discuss.

Happy developing!

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