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Services Offered

Disruptiv Innovations is a product development agency with the goal of helping you pursue your passion.  Whether creating a new product or improving an existing one, we provide expert services in:

Industrial Design

Product Design

Packaging Design


Contract Manufacturing

Order Management



Supplier Audits

Vendor Negotiations

Strategy Consulting

Cultural Consulting

Guided Supplier Tours

Chinese/English Translation and Interpretation

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Our Experience

Our diverse skills set spanning multiple industries allows us to be able to provide expert consulting in a variety of settings across the globe.  We’ve worked with giant multinational corporations, family-owned businesses, small-scale startups, governmental organizations, and non-profit organizations in industries such as:
Animal Feed
Down and Feather Products
Fisheries Management
Food Production
Food Service
Humanitarian and Welfare Services
Medical Devices

Outdoor & Recreation
Sports and Fitness
Third Party Quality Assurance and Control

Our method

We follow Lean Six Sigma principles and utilize the DMADV design process.

The first step is to define what you want to create and what you want to accomplish. 


Next, we measure the requirements of the customer, production processes, and yourself. 


Once requirements are understood, we’ll analyze them to identify key design concepts. 


After that, we’re ready to start creating a prototype.


Finally, we validate that the newly created product meets the needs of yourself and your customers.

Visit our blog to learn more about our methodology and style.

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