Did you accomplish your goals?

Congratulations, you now have a functional prototype of your product!  But before you celebrate, place your first purchase order, and start selling, you need to verify that the product you've created fulfills the needs of your customers and business.  Did you achieve your goals?

Test your product in relation to each of your goals and customer/business needs.  You now know the detailed process requirements.  Are there any obstacles to pleasing your customers while hitting your business targets?  What kind of quality management system is in place?  Can your product be made consistently?  Are current quality tests sufficient for monitoring quality at the level you want to provide?

This phase of the process is full of all kinds of specific tools and principles.  Details will soon be found in our various blog posts which will continue to grow over time.

Once you're confident you have your product and production details fine-tuned, you're finally ready to start selling.  We wish you all the best!

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